Ice Cream Cheesecake 蓝草莓冰淇淋芝士蛋糕

125g 饼干 (打成粉) marie or oreo or 消化饼
70g butter (melted)

200g cream cheese
50g castor sugar
100g blueberry
500ml vanilla ice-cream

1。饼干粉+butter mix起来。
5。cream cheese+castor sugar 用四号打至均匀。
6。blueberry+vanilla ice-cream mix,然后放在步骤5内打滑就ok。



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5 thoughts on “Ice Cream Cheesecake 蓝草莓冰淇淋芝士蛋糕

  1. Hi 卡珞
    i like ur blog and cake recipe very much. Used to try some of them too.

    a question here… can i replace the blueberry with blueberry yogurt?

    thanks for ur reply…
    wish u always be well & happy =)

  2. PC,惊喜看到你的留言,这是你第一次留言吧。
    关于blueberry换成blueberry yogurt,我没有试过,感觉味道或许不会浓郁。

  3. hi卡珞,
    Thanks for ur reply. Yup, this is my 1st time leaving message here though i start reading ur blog since last year++…
    i’m very happy to c ur kind reply cos im planning to make this cake tommorrow but cant find blueberry in supermarket…
    may i know where u buy the blueberry?
    thanks a lot…

  4. PC, I can’t believe that you have been following my blog since last year, so glad to see you here, still, after a year. :)

    Regarding the blueberry, I bought fresh from hypermarket, it cost about RM20. Then I cooked the blueberry by adding some water, make it to 100g. Sorry, my recipe didn’t spell it very clear. Assuming you bought a liquid form of blueberry, you can ignore this step.

    If not mistaken, you may actually buy a can of blueberry (already processed and in liquid form), it can be found in hypermarket and supermarket as well. Normally it is at the can food section.

    Hope this helps.

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